About the Test

The FCA Test

Our food sensitivity tests evaluate people for 22, 44 or 88 of the most common food sensitivities.

The test can be ordered online and performed in the comfort of your home. You will receive your test kit in the mail after ordering. Once you receive the test, you can take your blood sample whenever you would like.

Before collecting your sample, please watch our instructional video on our How it Works page. After the sample has been drawn, mail the test back immediately and receive your results.

What is a food sensitivity test?

We test for food sensitivities by measuring IgG and the C3d Immune Complex. Measuring IgG and IC-C3d at the same time doubles the signal, which improves the sensitivity of the test and eliminates false positives. The test is performed by using a blood sample obtained through a finger prick.

We offer three tests that measure 22, 44 or 88 of the most common foods, coloring and additives. Between our three options you will be able to choose the test that’s best for you. If you think you have a general idea of what causes your symptoms, such as dairy or gluten, the 22 or 44 test would work for you. If you have chronic symptoms and don’t know the cause, we recommend the 88 panel.

Discovering food sensitivities allows you to eliminate foods from your diet that are causing chronic symptoms and or constant discomfort. Once these foods are eliminated, you should start feeling better. Once your symptoms disappear, you can start to reintroduce these foods into your diet as long as they don’t start to cause discomfort.